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My Zacharias (which means "the Lord recalled") Moment

Each year I wait for it, that one moment when Christmas sort of gets me.  And I resist it. 
I didn’t used to resist.  “Getting the Christmas Spirit” was something I longed for, waited for and worried that others might achieve before me.  As a young person, I would search my soul each day after Thanksgiving and feel disappointed if I wasn’t into the spirit yet.  This was exaggerated with a stab if one of my family members or friends shouted out first, “I’ve got the Christmas Spirit!”  It was like vying to catch a cold or a cool breeze on a hot day, it was a mood you could not choose and feared might not come at all.  But it always did, eventually. 
My favorite Christmas moment was one Christmas Eve when I was about fourteen, that age for girls when everything is romantic and magical anyway.  I’m sure I’d already caught this annual mood we celebrated, but at midnight when they turned down the lights and lit candles and began to sing Silent Night, the light change caused the reflection in…