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Learning about Leadership by Leading the Blind

This is the story of the time (I had) when I ran into a blind man.
I was the director of a program and was responsible for several staff both professionals and support staff.I hired a man named Tim who had been completely blind from birth.He taught me a great deal about the experience of living with a visual impairment, and about life.
I knew enough to ask him to tell me how to work together to address accessibility.He reminded me that he was capable of asking for help and together we developed an understanding in our relationship of boundaries, though this was a bit different process than the development of other relationships, at least for me.I learned to remember to offer him a ride if our co-workers decided spontaneously to go out for lunch.I also learned not to hover or do anything for him that he didn’t ask for.He taught me how to lead him holding on to my elbow, which was necessary if we left the building.
Early on, he needed this just outside the building as the sidewalks were a …