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Observing Grief

The headline from Florida read, “Service held at wrecked church.Tornado victims try to stay optimistic ahead of long cleanup”.The picture was of a meandering, shoddily dressed gathering of folks standing around, some facing the makeshift alter of their destroyed church now reduced to a mass of mangled steel beams and splintered wood.A broken cross was propped up next to an American flag in front of this and a man in a black suit is seen standing high above them, apparently on a wooden box, his arms flung open somewhere between heavenly prayers and embracing his little flock, his head thrown back looking toward heaven.A band can be seen to his right, a second man also flinging arms, presumably the conductor.The quote from the preacher read:“We grieve with you and there will be days that life will wear you down.“But life does go on and we’re here to help you pull it together.Don’t let bitterness set in.” I read this in juxtaposition with C.S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed.One the sentiment of …

Overcoming emotional pain associated with an illness

Consider the Birds and Lillies: A Sermon for Epiphany 8A

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